Shaving Tips

For a comfortable shave that leaves your legs nourished, moisturized, and smooth, try Pure Silk Razors and Pure Silk Shave Cream. Other alternatives like soap and water or gels can dry out skin, or easily wash away in the shower before you shave. Pure Silk Shave Cream is designed with Moisturizing Spa Therapy Lather that provides better and longer-lasting coverage in moist environments by instantly forming a rich, moisturizing lather that hugs your legs, wastes less, and protects skin while you shave. Read on for additional shaving tips that will leave your skin looking, and feeling as smooth as pure silk.


  • Find the right temperature

    Use a cooler water temperature while shaving. Hot water may stress your skin’s natural moisture barrier.


  • Protect your skin

    Apply aloe-infused Pure Silk Shave Cream to the desired area. The Moisturizing Spa Therapy Lather hugs your skin to protect against nicks and irritation, while its ingredients provide a smooth glide.


  • Use a fresh blade or razor

    A dull or dirty razor has the potential to create nicks, razor burn, and irritated skin. Use a fresh Pure Silk Razors that feature ultra-thin, open flow blades that allow for easy cleaning and long blade life.


  • Choose the right path

    Shave upwards in the opposite direction of hair growth, taking special care around knees and ankles. These curved areas are prone to nicks, so move slowly and carefully using a razor like the Pure Silk Contour 6 Razor which features a Double-Flex Head that pivots and adjusts to every contour of your body.